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Demo Clips December 20, 2013

EnviroWorld’s Studios are situated in the idyllic surroundings of the Johannesburg Zoo. We are fully equipped to handle all your multimedia production needs. Contact Nolitha and Andre now for a free and comprehensive consultation! Click on “video clips” right at the top of this page and view some of our latest productions, as well as some of our older ones. As you view these clips, you may want to reflect on the fact that they represent 54 years of experience in broadcasting. They will demonstrate to you the high production standards we maintain.

Enviroworld’s Radio Play Reel
EnviroWorld has a radio production facility situated at the Johannesburg Zoo. From here we produce audio series for in-house distribution as well as for broadcast on both community and mainstream radio stations. Here is a short selection from some of our shows:

We are currently on-air with Frank Dialogue, presented by Onkgopotse JJ Tabane every Wednesday morning at 11h00 (CAT) on Ubuntu Radio. This show is hard-hitting, frank, fearless and without favour. It looks at issues facing Africa, South Africa and the world. (also look at http://www.ubunturadio.com/Schedule.php


Great Enviroworld Clip entitled “The loneliest Man on Earth”, from a production done some years ago for 50/50, the long-running Environmental TV show. It’s only 17 seconds. Enjoy!

Launch of a 1000 Voices and the NDP under the OGP
The launch of a 1000 Voices Against Woman and Child Abuse Campaign, together with South Africa’s National Development Plan under its international Open Government Partnership commitments, took place at Emperors Palace Near OTR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg in October 2013. We covered this on behalf of the Department of Public Service and Administration with 6 cameras and other top-of-the range video equipment, including a Tricaster video and audio setup, steady-cam and jimmy-jib. Let’s do the same for you!

God of the San and the Trance Dance
This half-hour production was made for broadcast TV . I am posting just the first few minutes to give you an idea of production qualities, from research, through shooting, editing and final mixing, we did it as a one-stop shop.

Energy Choices for South Africa
In the face of a looming energy crises for the world, South Africa has to make some very tough decisions going into the future. Coal, renewables, hydro, solar, wave energy, nuclear… what is best? The short answer is that that we are going to need them all! Here is a short clip we made for the Nuclear Industries Association of South Africa. We made this production in association with Charles Moore of Spring Studios
South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum
Women in Business 2013
This clip is from an hour long documentary on the wonderful work of the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum to promote Black entrepreneurship. This particular project, entitled Women in Business 2013, was hugely successful and worked to train people and to create opportunities right across South Africa for women to share and network.

A New Trick for an Old Dog, was a production for broadcast TV on the plight of Wild Dogs in Kwa Zulu/Natal.
A Woman of Dutyini, was produced for the SA Department of Social Development about it’s Sustainable Livelihoods project at Dutyini in the Alfred Nzo district in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

African Monitor: A mini documentary made to explain the African Monitor project, processes and objectives

Climate Change a mini documentary clip from a series entitled “Water is Life”, produced for the Department of Water Affairs to sensitize people to South Africa’s water challenges. South Africa is a water-poor country and will be making some hard decisions going into the future. Water is Life has now seen its second season as a series of 26 x half hour shows. We are soon to commence season 3 in 2014

Team 2007
A production for the Anglican Church that took us right around the world to show the wonderful work they do in uplifting people and improving their lives, while bringing the message of Jesus Christ to them.


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