EnviroWorld Productions

Taking your sights and sounds to the world!

About December 17, 2013

EnviroWorld is…

A full multi-media communications production agency with an on-air broadcast radio studio facility.
A definitive, one-stop multimedia solutions provider, affording cost-effective public and private sector access to mass audiences continent-wide.

Our Vision Is to break through to new standards of excellence in serving the mass communications needs of our clients and their audiences in the New Era – to be a one stop strategic communications solution for the South African Public and Private Sector institutions embracing the challenges of change.

Our Mission is to provide strategic communications services to clients in a manner that assists them to face the challenges of communication in the New Era.

Our Core Values are about the building of our nation through the self-realization of Communities and the sustainable utilization of our continent’s natural and cultural resources.

Our strength lies in adding value to YOUR communications objectives.

We produce and distribute….
Corporate Videos, TV documentaries, DVD and audio radio productions
Audio programmes for broadcast and for CD distribution for in-house use
Electronic business cards as full multimedia presentations

EnviroWorld’s multimedia approach works for radio, it works for TV, the Internet, CD ROM and the printed media. In short, many of EnviroWorld’s services are quite unique and we are able to offer you exciting and highly innovative ways to realize your communications objectives – and at an astonishingly affordable price. Contact us now!


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